When you work with us, you’ll get our team’s full commitment to your success. We’re a team of award-winning creative sorts and technology wonks which is probably why we love digital media so much.

We started our journey in 2012. After working in media 35+ years in audience/sales/ event marketing, Christine wanted to focus on digital marketing. Joining forces with Chris, creative/tech guru; Russell, video/marketing ops expert; Amy, content creator - we have a team with a track record of real-world success. We also have a team of full-time and on-call professionals to meet the requirements of your project, big or small.

Christine Oldenbrook

Christine Oldenbrook


I’ve been leading successful marketing strategies/campaigns for live/online events, data/content-based products, print/digital magazine/book publishers and other business/consumer brands for over 35 years.  

I think of myself as an evangelist of sorts, driving real change into organizations in the way they develop audiences, acquire and retain customers and I’ve won few awards doing it.

Starting CMO Digital Marketing and working with our clients to solve their challenges and meet their goals … is the most fulfilling work I’ve done yet.

For fun I love Live music (just saw Patti Smith!!), photography, travel and good wine with great friends.

Chris Whissen

Chris Whissen

Creative & Technical Director

My dream was to become a Pulitzer-prize-winning columnist in the vein of Dave Barry, but I developed an interest in editorial design and the then emerging internet. My skills grew and I began to develop the managerial talents to supervise teams of designers, copywriters and freelancers. I also found a natural knack for marketing.

In 2012 I decided to partner with Christine as the Creative Director and Marketing Designer for CMO Digital Marketing.

Truth be told, I am a geek. A game geek - I love video games, role-playing games and especially tabletop board games. A wine geek - my wife and I have turned this love into a blog. A travel geek. And, obviously, a design geek.

Russell Mills

Russell Mills

Video Producer/Marketing Ops Director

After completing film school, I didn’t imagine doing video projects for container shipping events, but we saw the need for bringing the same Hollywood professionalism you see on TV and in commercials to the ever expanding world of online video content.

For over 15 years I’ve worked on a wide variety of video production projects - how-to, training, product demos, corporate videos, even setting up video studios on-site at trade show events creating video content for a wide variety of businesses.

My passion is I’m a stand-up comedian appearing in shows in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Montreal.  I’m pretty sure it makes me a better marketer.

Amy Welch-Whissen

Amy Welch-Whissen

Content Director

From the time I wrote my first short story in fourth grade, I’ve been in love with words. Since then, I've been writing content for newspapers, magazines, marketing and b-to-b sales copy, blogs, and educational content for college-level courses.

As a lover of language, I am a voracious reader and podcast listener. (The weirder the better!) Interacting with the written and spoken word exposes me to new techniques and tricks that I can incorporate into my own work. I love a good story, so my approach to writing is to find and tell a compelling narrative about any topic.

I love food, wine, travel and superhero movies. Oh, and knitting. And history.

Marisa Guerrero & Natalie Guerrero

Marisa Guerrero & Natalie Guerrero

Marketing Coordinators

From the early days of CMO Digital Marketing, our Marketing Coordinators, Marisa and Natalie have played a key role in providing our clients with detailed response reporting and financial tracking plus executing social media projects, contact list development and other support services. 

They are the organization behind our organization! 

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